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kinship wellness

are yoU a caregiver?

A family caregiver can be someone caring for a spouse or parent, an extended family member, or even a friend or neighbor. Do you provide someone help with:


○ Transportation to medical appointments?

○ Purchasing or organizing medications?

○ Monitoring their medical condition?

○ Communicating with health care professionals?

○ Advocating on their behalf with providers or agencies?

○ Getting in and out of beds or chairs?



​If you answered “yes” to any of the examples listed above, you are a caregiver and may benefit from the Caregivers Practicing Resilience (CPR) group workshop.

○ Getting dressed?

○ Bathing or showering?

○ Grocery or other shopping?

○ Housework?

○ Preparing meals?

○ Managing finances?

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