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Want to join Kinship? We’d love to have you! Here’s everything you need to know!


Hopeful members must be 60+ years of age and reside in Orleans parish to receive full membership benefits. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Kinship does not require a membership fee! We do, however, have a suggested donation of $50 a year for members, which can be paid at a pace that suits your lifestyle. Hopeful members must fill out an initial intake application packet.

✽ Please note that we are only equipped to provide services to adults 60+ years of age who are physically independent; however, if a hopeful member is unable to participate independently and requires assistance, they are still welcome! We just ask that they attend with their own designated caregiver for the entirety of their time spent at the center. If there is a question about capability, it will be evaluated by the Executive Director as this pertains to our bylaws, scope of service provision, and concerns liability responsibilities. 

In compliance with the New Orleans Council on Aging (NOCOA), Kinship members must provide a valid form of identification and a copy of their Social Security Income award letter or another approved form of proof of income. This is merely for NOCOA records and will not exclude or disqualify anyone from joining Kinship.

Additionally, members must complete a short assessment required annually by the Governor’s Office of Elderly Affairs, known as the Louisiana Independent Living Assessment (LILA). The LILA is a way for us to keep current records of your emergency contacts, current medications + allergies, and an emergency preparedness plan in the event of a hurricane evacuation. The LILA is also used to register members for daily hot lunches provided by Meals on Wheels.

A staff member will happily sit with you to complete your application & answer all of your questions! 

MEMBER benefits

— Eligibility granted to participate in our full calendar of programs & special events

— Hot lunch served daily via Meals on Wheels of America

— Come five days a week or drop in when something on the calendar calls your name!

— Daily transport to & from Kinship for members residing in the 70115, 70118 & 70125 zip codes

covid-19 safety

The safety of our community remains our highest priority. We highly encourage full vaccination against COVID-19, including boosters. While all of our members have received their vaccinations, we are currently still requiring indoor-masking to protect the most vulnerable among us. 


Kinship rents space from an ADA-exempt facility. We are currently working to raise funds for a removable wheelchair-accessible ramp; however, until further notice, we do not have the ability to accommodate persons who use wheelchairs.

schedule a visit

If you're interested in becoming a member, please call ahead and schedule a visit! We're happy to answer all the questions you may have! We will show you around & introduce you to Kinship members. We welcome you to sit in on an activity, so be sure to check our monthly events calendar

The best times to schedule a visit are Monday through Friday from 9:00am to11:00am. 

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