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You Are the Difference!

Give Yourself a Big Hand!

Kinship Center thanks our donors for the generous spirit during GiveNOLA Day and the Cheers for 40 Years at the Rusty Nail!

Romona and MB celebrate 40 years of Kinship Center making seniors' lives better!

Donors Like You ARE the Difference!

Thank YOU for donating on GiveNOLA Day and throughout the years! Your gift helps seniors find the friends and supports they need to stay healthy and active! And thanks to everyone who came out for our Happy 40th Birthday, Kinship Center party and our Cheers for 40 Years event at the Rusty Nail! Together, these events raised over $7,000 for our programs that serve seniors.

Kinship Center thanks the following donors for shining the spotlight on seniors on GiveNOLA Day! Please, give yourself a hand!

Andrew Buchan, Amy Blaylock, Christopher Harter, Nordette Adams, Pat Habeeb, Miaflor Borders, Eva Sohl, Ashley Nash, Marguerite Bross, William Clark, James Borders, Julianna Padgett, Gladys Gille, Kate S. Elkins, Georgia Davis, Richard & Barbara Adler, Jordan Coughlin, Lyndall Hart, Tina Keller, Dennis Hart, Kimberly VanWagner, Betty Constant, Donald Canavier, Lou Furman, Donna Peirce, Mary Parks, Stephen Norton, Rebecca Martinez, Linda Kolb, Alice Soliman, Kathleen Atwood, Brian Boyles, Lodonia Michel, Carole Boster, Inez Lewis, Erin Landry, William Gahagan, Lizette Coughlin, Megan Bronson, Adrien Maught, Jody Braunig, Johanna Paine, Lisa Amoss, Ann Van Horn, Elizabeth Goodyear, Katherine Peak, Kathleen and Charlie Van Horn, Mickey Dufour, Cora Paynes, Chantal Witham, Donna Spragins, Marion Baker Vaughn, Romona Luke, Francis Matherne, Charlotte Turley, Jackie McGee, Nora “GG” Casserly, Dolores Hunter, Harold McMillian, Betty O’Connor, Janet Gisleson, Annie B. Williams, Hans Olavesen, Adolph Tinson, Jr., and Michael Toso.

Kinship Center also wants to send a special thank you to Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center New Orleans and JenCare New Orleans for all their support of these events, as well as:

Audubon Institute, Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, The National WWII Museum, Momo Ramen and Poke, The Jazz and Heritage Festival Foundation, New Orleans Ballet Association, New Orleans Museum of Art, Judy at the Rink, Louisiana Pizza Kitchen, Lahpet Burmese Popup Kitchen, and Mardi Gras World.

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