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Kinship believes that mental health is important at every age!

At Kinship, we believe that mental health is important at every age, as it is an essential component to overall wellbeing. The mental health needs among the senior population are often overlooked and widely underserved. Kinship Wellness addresses these needs with the ultimate goal of strengthening resilience through educational workshops & social-emotional support for both seniors and caregivers. 

caregivers practicing resiliencE (CPR)

caregiver group workshop

This 6-week group workshop for caregivers is more than a support group.

It will provide psycho-educational information on caregiving where participants can also share their experiences with other caregivers, in the comfort of a closed group. A closed group means that the same members will be in attendance for the duration of the workshop. The current semester will be Thursdays at 10:00am --- 11:30am starting January 19th 2023 to February 9th 2023.

This workshop is led by a mental health professional and is focused on fostering resilience through intentional self-care. Weekly sessions will provide not only a space to share, but also to learn stress-mitigating techniques while managing the many aspects of any caregiving role. Participants will learn evidence-based techniques to reduce stress that are based in mindfulness with a cognitive--behavioral approach. Click here to view the official flyer for the CPR workshop.

Who cares for the caregiver?

Participants will be led to explore different answers to this question while learning active ways to more effectively care for themselves in the process. Take this brief survey to see if CPR is the right fit for you.


Eligibility is open to individuals who are caring for a loved one with short or long-term limitations due to illness, injury or disability. Participants are expected to attend all 6 workshop sessions. 

Take this short quiz to see if you're a caregiver!


Enrollment is limited to 12 participants per semester. Participants are required to attend every workshop session; Potential participants should take this into consideration before enrolling.

If the current workshop is full, we will offer you a place on our waitlist for the next workshop.

Please review the CPR Enrollment & Supporting Documents packet for more details.

To enroll or inquire, please email or call 504.314.0300.


---- The cost is set at $125 for early bird enrollment (one session free). 

---- The cost is set at $150 for those who pay after early bird enrollment.

---- The deadline for early bird enrollment is January 5th.

---- Refunds will not be granted unless there are extenuating circumstances.


If you'd like to participate in the CPR group workshop but are restricted due to financial reasons, you may qualify for a partial scholarship. Click here to learn more.


The workshop will be held at Kinship Senior Center in the Mary Wilkinson Memorial Room, which has its own entrance located on Freret Street. Instructions will be given before the workshop begins.

What to expect


Objectives of CPR: 

  1. Learn evidenced-based techniques that can help relieve daily stress

  2. Discuss emotional boundaries and how to set them to help against burn out

  3. Gain a deeper understanding of “self-care” 

  4. Learn how to implement self-care as a sustainable practice

  5. Learn simple, attainable ways to strengthen your resilience

  6. Discover new approaches to communicate more effectively

  7. Connect with other caregivers who share a unique understanding of what it’s like to be a caregiver

covid-19 safety

The safety of our community remains our highest priority. We highly encourage full vaccination against COVID-19, including boosters. While all of our members have received their vaccinations, we are currently still requiring indoor-masking to protect the most vulnerable among us.


Kinship rents space from an ADA-exempt facility. We are currently working to raise funds for a removable wheelchair-accessible ramp; however, until further notice, we do not have the ability to accommodate persons who use wheelchairs.

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Kinship Wellness is a subsidiary of Kinship Senior Center.

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